Winter Squash: Blue Hubbard

A popular and very reliable, traditional winter squash. This old variety stores well and produces several large fruits on vigorous vines. The fine textured flesh is sweet and bright orange.

Grown by Peni Ediker on her One Planet smallholding in South Wales.

12 seeds per pack. 

Summer Squash: Summer Crookneck

An unusual variety of summer squash, with yellow skin and a fantastic flavour.  Best eaten young, but plants will bear prolifically over the season, when regularly picked.  A great alternative to courgettes.

Grown by Wales Seed Hub member Carolyn Moody on her smallholding in Pontyates, Wales. 

12 seeds per pack. 

Seed Story: Summer squash are similar to courgette, both in terms of growing, harvesting and cooking.  I gave these ‘Summer Crooknecks’ a try over a decade ago (I’m a sucker for weird looking veg!) and have grown them ever since, never bothering now with courgettes.  The variety has an unusual curved neck and bright yellow skin that gets bumpier as it gets bigger. The skin will thicken though as it ages, so make sure you pick them small – about 5-6″ long. The plant itself is bushy (rather than a trailing type), so give it plenty of room and it’ll reward you by producing lots and lots of squash throughout the season – the more you pick. the more you’ll get! The flesh is creamy white and far more flavoursome than any courgette – slightly sweeter with a more pronounced ‘nuttiness’. Great simply fried in olive oil, or layered up in a bake with apple, onions, potatoes and herbs. As with courgettes, seeds germinate best with some heat. Plant them out after hardening off when they have 3 true leaves and all chance of frost has passed, and you should get your first harvest in about 45 days.

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