The Wales Seed Hub produces seed grown on Welsh farms using agroecological practices. Our seed is open pollinated and carefully selected. We try to grow varieties that are not widely available elsewhere and grow well in the Welsh climate

We are a cooperative of growers, working together to market, pack and distribute our seed.

We pay our growers a fair price for the seed they grow.

We aim to increase seed diversity in Wales. 

The Wales Seed Hub is being supported by the Gaia Foundation’s UK Seed Sovereignty Programme. The growers in our hub have been through the UK Seed Sovereignty Programme’s intermediate seed production training and are part of the Wales Seed Network.  www.seedsovereignty.info

We are licenced to sell seed and issue plant passports. Reg number: 7710.

Get in touch by email: contact@seedhub.wales


Coming soon!

Wales Seed Hub will be reopening next month. The packets are back from the printers. We use a very special printer, a workers’ co-op who use a Risograph machine. What’s a Risograph? I’m glad you asked. It’s like a duplicator, where ink is pressed through a master. Without any heating it uses only around one …