Chilli pepper

Chilli Pepper: De Cayenne

Cayenne is your classic ‘kitchen’ chilli, with a good amount of heat and a great flavour. The striking red peppers can grow up to 6” long, and can be harvested and eaten green or red. Plants can grow up to 2ft high and give an excellent yield.

Grown by Wales Seed Hub member Carolyn Moody on her One Planet smallholding in Pontyates, Wales. 

16 seeds per pack.

Seed Story: Cayenne is your classic ‘kitchen’ chilli – bright, shiny red and between 2” to 5” long, they look great in a greenhouse or polytunnel.  We grow this variety for the Wales Seed Hub as they ripen really early, which means you’ll still get a really good crop even in the shortest, dullest, coolest of Welsh summers!  They have a great flavour and a good amount of heat without being too hot.  Great in all kinds of cooking, you can pick and use them when green too – a staple of many Indian recipes.  And for the glut of chillies you may end up with at the end of the season?  Well, you can’t beat a few jars of homemade chilli jam. 

Like all chillies, they’re need starting off before the beginning of March, with a fair bit of heat – preferably 25 degrees or more.  Once they’ve germinated, they’ll be fine at a lower temperature, and can be planted out under cover in May.  The plants themselves are super productive, and can reach about 2 ft in height, so may need staking once they’re laden with chillies.  With decent weather, your first ones could be ready to pick in mid-August.

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Seed grown using agroecological principles. We are licenced to sell seed and issue plant passports. Reg number: 7710.