Cucumber: Tanja

A robust, high yielding, outdoor verity which gives good crops of bitter free fruits up to 35cm in length. Can also be grown undercover if required.

Grown by Peni Ediker on her One Planet smallholding in South Wales.

Approx 12 seeds per pack.

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Growing instructions – Cucumbers

Sow from March to June. If sown  early  use a heater matt, pot on and keep undercover till after the last frost if planting outside. Sow in modules or small pots.

Cucumbers like rich, sheltered conditions. Cucumbers are climbing or rambling. They can be grown vertically to take up less room. Put structures or trellis up when planting out.

Planting distance 30cm apart. Cucumber like to be liquid feed every 14 days for abundant harvests.  

Seed grown using agroecological principles. We are licenced to sell seed and issue plant passports. Reg number: 7710.