Pea: Telephone

Growing up to 2m high, with support, this pea is great for small gardens or when you don’t want the whole lot to be eaten by the kids! Pods are large giving a good yield of tender sweet peas that can be picked over a long period.

Grown by Wales Seed Hub member Carolyn Moody on her One Planet smallholding in Pontyates.

Approx 120 seeds per pack.

Pea: Mr Bethell’s Purple Podded

A vigorous, tall pea producing pink and maroon flowers followed by large purple pods. Can be picked young as mangetout or left to mature when peas taste deliciously sweet straight from the pod, retaining their flavour when cooked.

Grown by Wales Seed Hub member Chris Vernon on his One Planet smallholding in South Wales. 

Approx 60 seeds per pack.

Pea: Llanover

Vigorous variety producing fat pods of large peas, which are sweet and delicious. Grows to around 1.5m tall and needs strong supports.

A Welsh variety from the Heritage Seed Library

Approx 60 seeds per pack.

Seed Story: An exceptionally good Welsh heritage variety with a romantic story behind it. At the end of the First World War, a German prisoner of war returned to the Llanover Estate to marry a Welsh girl and brought the seeds with him. Not surprisingly, gardeners have kept them in cultivation ever since. Its vigorous plants produce plentiful plump pods of unusually large peas, which are sweet and delicious. They grow to about 1.5m tall and need strong

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