About us

Meet the team!

Katie Hastings works as the Wales Coordinator for the UK Seed Sovereignty Programme. The programme is supporting a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system in the UK and Ireland. Katie is acting Secretary for the Wales Seed Hub and is supporting this enterprise to set up sustainable selling and distribution systems.

Chris Vernon lives on a One Planet Development smallholding in Carmarthenshire and after completing a seed-saving course in 2019 is now growing seed for the Wales Seed Hub and for Real Seeds as well as saving seed for home use.

Sue Stickland lives on a smallholding in Montgomeryshire and is gardens co-ordinator for ‘Cultivate’ –
Newtown’s local food coop. She has wide experience of vege growing and seed-saving, having previously worked for Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library.

Carolyn and Paul Moody are currently awaiting a decision on their One Planet Development application near Llanelli in south west Wales.  In the meantime they’re busy planting fruit trees, growing veggies, and producing seed which will be available next year through the Wales Seed Hub.  Agroecology and permaculture principles are key to how they manage the land, and Carolyn is also the Treasurer for Paramaethu Cymru.

Neil Moyse is a lifelong professional gardener, he is establishing an artisan salad market garden in West Carmarthenshire based on no-dig, permaculture and forest gardening principles. Seed saving, seed safeguarding and seed sovereignty are paramount to his work as a horticulturalist.

Peni Ediker is successful market garden, supplying her local community with seasonal organic vegetables. Peni has trained with Real Seeds, has grown seed for real seeds and now is growing seeds for the seed hub.